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Eh.. Writing task saya jaman SMA...

Asem... iki asli gaweanku jaman SMA, jebulna aku iso gawe crita b.inggris... saiki??hahaha.. tumpul sekali bung... ini kubuat jamannya guru b.ing SMA 2 Yogyakarta masih pak Heru...critane sederhana. mbuh ah, sik penting biyen le gawe angel.hahahaha


Created by:
Thomas Dannar Sulistyo


Jenny was just passed from the junior high school. Now, She was a senior high school student. She studied in musician vocational School. Her school was very special for student who had talent in music. This school was divided into five classes. There were guitar class, vocal class, keyboard class/piano class, drum class, and biolin class. Jenny decidedto enter the vocal class, because she had a beautiful voice.
            The first day in her school she got many friends. She could adapt with her new environtment fastly. She got great response from her new friends. The big motivation from Jenny to go the Musician High School was for making better her talent and she wanted to have a band. She had a dream to be the rising star.
One day Jenny met with Ramon. The introduced each other. They talked about music. In fact, Ramon was a guitarist. Jenny met right person. Jenny asked to Ramon,
 “Are you interested to make a band??”
“Ehmmmm, I think that is great!! I ever had a band, but now I didn’t have a band any more. I accepted your offer but I thought we needed three persons to take another positions.
“Do you have a friend who can play drum, keyboard and bass??”
“No I don’t . What is about you?? Ahaaaa…. I have a friend in drum class. He is great drumer. His name is Arnold. I will offer him to join with us tommorow. I hope he can join us.”
“Thank you, Ramon. I wait for next news from you, friend.”
The next day Ramon met Arnold.
            “ Hello arnold??”
            “How are you today??”
            “I’m fine thanks, what about you??
            “I’m fine too. Arnold , I have an offer for you, What is about joinig us to make a band??
            “That is great, I never play in a band, but I believe that my skill is gooded enough for playing band. I accept your offer.”
“That is great, friend, now you join us. Thank you Arnold. I will contact you again later.”
“ok Friend…….”
            Ramon went to vocal class to met with jenny.
            “Jenny, I have a great news for you. Arnold accept our offer to join us.”
            “That is the great news, Good job, Friend”
            “Jenny what is about practicing?? When can we begin practice” how is about next Sunday in extreme studio.”
            “Ok… I agree, but are you sure if our band  only consist of  3 persons?
            “I think it is enough”
            “Ok no problem. See you next Sunday in extreme studio”
That was became the great beginning for Jenny to reach her dream.
            On Suday morning Jenny, Ramon and Arnold met in Bohemain park where located behind the school. From Bohemain park they walked together to extreme studio. They only walked because the studio was not far from Bohemain park. I the journey they talk about music. They were interested in rock music. They considered that that rock was the greatest music in the world. They decided to play rock music. They had many idols like Queen, Gun n’ roses, Scorpion, White Lion, Bon Jovi, Metallica, and any others.
            Finnaly, they arrived in extreme studio. In the first practicing they got some problem. They could not become and they needed additional player as keyboardist, and bassist. Band without keyboard and bass were not nice.
“Do you have candidate for take keybrdist and bassist position??”
“Emmmm….. No I do not.”
“I have a friend who has good skill in playing keyboard. He is from keyboard/piano class.  His name is Ronald. Do you have another candidate to take bass position? We need the best player.”
“I think Bruno is the right person to take the bass position. He is from guitar class.”
“I will offer them to join tommorow. If  they accept to join us, I believe we can create the nice rock music. We will reach our dream soon.”
“Don’t talk about our dream now, we still have a long journey.”
“Let’s create the real rock music.”
After practising, they played together in Bohemain Park behind the school. They liked a family now.
“Hi friend, I think we need a name for our band. Do you have an idea??”
“How is about Suricane?”
“Ouch that is japanese name, I don’t like it. Is there any other opinion??”
“How is about Hammer Band?”
“No..no..no..!! that is sound bad. Ahaa…this is Sunday, isn’t it?”
“Yes, it is.”
“What is about Bloody Sunday?”
“Yeah…I like it…!! It is sound great, friend!!”
“I agree with you. OK, from now our band’s name is Bloody Sunday.”
“Ok….!! Bloody Sunday..!!”
The next day, Ramon told Ronald and Bruno offered them to join Bloody Sunday. Ramon was certain that Bruno and Ronald would join Bloody Sunday soon.
“Hi, friend how are you??”
“I am Fine, thanks.”
“I come here only for offreing you to join my band. We need additional player in keyboard and bass. I think you’re the right person.”
“Ok, Ramon. We will consider you offer. We will answer it tommorow.”
“Ok, friend..I hoped you can join us, in Bloody Sunday band.”
“Thank you, see you tommorow.”
In the school, Ramon met Ronald and Bruno. Ronald and Bruno decided to join Ramon and Bloody Sunday band.
“I love you….I am sure we will be the biggest band in the next time.”
Ramon souted loudly.
“Hey..hey..hey..don’t be crazy, man. Your voice disturb all student.”
“OK..I will lock my mouth. Hahahahahah”
“I am very happy, man, let’s keep the rock music.”
After that Ramon went to vocal class, He informed about this news to Jenny. Jenny felt so happy hear this news.
“I am sure we will be the next rising star, hahaha…”
“I agree with you, by the way, when we can practice again??”
“How is about next Sunday?”
“Ok, I will, I will contact Ronald, Bruno and Arnold.”
“See you next time, bye…”
On Sunday morning, they met in extreme studio.
“Hi, friend, I hear that St. Thomas Senior high school will make a band competition. We must follow this competition.”
“I agree with you. We must practice from now.”
“Are you sure we can win in that competition??”
“Are you doubt it we can do it.”
One month later they followed the band competition in St. thomas Senior High School. Because of the great performance, finally they become champion in senior high school grade. After that they became more regularly to follow the band competition from regional grade into national garde. They became more famous now. Many of competition had won by them. But they  had a song which were creted by themshelf. They tried to created a song. They  made a song because they wanted to offer their demo to the record label. But the emulation to penetrating the label was not easy. The nice song was needed to penetrating the emulation.
After five month they played band together they could make 3 song. The titles were “Rock Radio”, “Summer season”, and “Perfect”. They decided to choose the Rock Radio to become hits single. Then they gave their demo to the radios and indie label. Their song got great response from the listeners. Not long after they sent their demo, their song became the first in chart radios. They became so happy. They felt more possible to became a rising star. The Indie label wanted Bloody Sunday to make song again. Bloody Sunday agreed with the proposal. But they didn’t have any idea to made a songs. They became frustased because they couldn’t make songs. In the other side they don’t care of their study. It became worse. Their parents payed attention to them, if their score decreased, they couldn’t play band again. They felt this was a challenge . How could they balanced between band and their study. In this semester they wanted focus in their study. They wouldn’t did the same mistake.
One more later, the exam just passed. It’s time for knowing the test result. They became so happy because they got good score. It meant they could play band again.“Ok friends….. it’s our time.!!!”. They could focus to make a song now. In short time they could make 5 song again. Then they give their song to the indie label and radios. Their song succesfully in radios’s chart music. Because of  their nice song, Major label wanted them to make a new album. They felt that their dream came true.
Three months later, they was called by the Major label (Musica Studio). Musica studio offered contract to Bloody Sunday for making an album. They accepted musica studio’s offer. They did the recording process because they had materials for recording. Five months later, their album was ready to sell to the customers. Their song got great response from listeners because their songs was easy listening. In short word, their album was success in the market. They got meny offer to perfomance in many concert. The best concert which had been followed was concert with Gun’s n Roses. They became the opening band. While in three months their album got the platinum award. That was amazing their album has sold into one billion copy. It was the best award for them. In the young age they can reach the platinum award. It was the new record. Than they got more success and became the legendary band. They could made seven album and many of their songs became legendary hits. That was the success story of the Bloody Sunday. Without their efford they couldn’t got success. 

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